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Plants That Thrive Under Trees Plus Tips for Success

Various challenges go along with placing plants underneath trees. Only certain plants can survive in a setting where sun and moisture are being hogged by a tree. It may seem a simple solution to plant annuals every year, but this approach

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Shade-Friendly Perennials

Lily of the Valley

Hardy lily of the valley plants can fill any bald spots in your Florida garden, including underneath well-established trees. With a sweet fragrance in spring and tiny bell-shaped flowers, lily of the valley is ground cover packed with charm. Yet, the plant has a dark side. It is toxic to humans and animals, and it is also known for being an invasive species.

Wild Ginger

Wild ginger is an excellent ground cover that flourishes with minimal care. It is an easy-grow plant, and wild ginger is hardy in zones 4-8.


Most of this native plant species tolerate shade, even when the shade is fairly dense. To form a carpet over time, plant wild ginger in groups about 1 foot or 2 feet apart. Although the plants can also do well in partial shade, hot summer days can scorch the leaves.


If you like the idea of a tough and hardy erosion-control plant under your trees, you may want to go with periwinkle. This is the go-to plant when nothing else seems to thrive and soil tends to wash away. No matter how dense your shade, periwinkle will flourish and produce lovely blue flowers in late spring.

Garden Center in Carrollwood, FLDaffodil

As long as the soil underneath your tree is loose enough for digging, you can plant spring-blooming bulbs to showcase daffodils that will increase in number annually. Some sunlight is needed as an energy source for future blooms. This need

A Few Helpful Tips

As mentioned before, it can be challenging for plants to thrive under the shade of your trees.

The following are a few tips that may increase your success:

Whenever possible, plant perennials and shrubs under a tree either as you plant the tree or not long after. This can be helpful because oaks, beeches, pines, maples, and other trees have root systems that lie near the surface.

If you amend and dig the soil around these types of mature trees, the trees can easily be damaged.

Choose native plants whenever you can. They are usually the best choices because they are naturally growing understory plants that thrive in woodland areas.

To reduce weed growth and conserve moisture, mulch the soils with 2 to 3 inches of wood chips.

Consider trimming back some of the lower-hanging branches of your trees to allow more light to reach underneath the branches.

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