Beautify Your Garden With These Easy Ground Cover Suggestions
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Easy-Care Ground Cover Ideas

ground cover plants tampa floridaGround cover plants provide numerous benefits, not the least of which is that they are easy-care solutions for various landscaping challenges. Many different kinds of ground cover will thrive in Florida. And if you live in the Tampa area, you can visit Cypress Creek Landscape Supply, the go-to garden center for landscape professionals and savvy do-it-yourselfers alike. In our two-acre oasis, you can choose from a beautiful selection of ground cover plants. Read on to learn some benefits of low-growing shrubs and other ground cover plants and some examples of the vibrant foliage you can choose from for your Florida landscape.

Benefits of Ground Cover

As a rule, ground cover plants are low-maintenance barriers to weeds with numerous potential benefits. Planting easy-care ground cover plants may be perfect for your landscape if any of the following benefits have appeal and/or meet your specific needs:

  • With ground cover in your landscape, you can cut back on the amount of time and energy you are required to spend on immaculate landscape maintenance.
  • There is a selection of ground cover plants no matter what growing conditions exist in the landscape area where they will be planted–shady, sunny, dry, moist, sloped, or sandy soil, you can find ideal ground cover for your yard.
  • When you choose an evergreen ground cover, the plants offer year-round visibility.
  • You can add a dash or full blooms of color to your landscape, depending on the ground cover you choose.
  • If you need a large area covered, you can choose a fast-spreading ground cover. If only a small area is needed, there are groundcovers ideal for that landscape environment, as well.

Types of Easy-Care Ground Cover Ideal in Florida

Tampa FL is in the Zone 9b USDA planting zone. The following plants are among the ground cover plants available at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply, all of which are perfect for Tampa area landscaping.

Soap Aloe is a robust plant that can be grown anywhere in The Sunshine State. Blooms on soap aloe attract hummingbirds, whether the blooms are yellow, orange, or red. Individually, soap aloe grows to about 2 feet across and puts out new plants, referred to as “pups,” making it a bona fide ground cover. The sharp spikes of the leaves, however, may need to be considered as you choose the right plants for your landscape.

railroad vines flowering plants, tampa fl

Railroad Vines, also known as “Beach Morning Glory,” is a Florida native plant. A ground cover solution with high salt tolerance, growth of Railroad Vines is like a turbo-charged train that travels around most obstacles in its path. The blossoms grow on and off all year. The maximum height is approximately 16 inches, unless stifled by surrounding plant life.

Gaillardia aka Indian Blanket ground cover blooms throughout summer and into autumn. The flowers are usually orange-red or reddish-purple. This ground cover is able to tolerate such common Florida conditions as extreme heat, sandy soils, and salt.

Gazania is another standout type of ground cover with bright blooms. The flowers are yellow and daisy-like. The plant blooms in spring through summer. The ground cover is referred to as trailing gazania, a reference to the trailing stems.

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