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Get Your Ground Ready – Springtime is Coming!

Spring is right around the corner. Now is the time to plan out the landscaping you have in mind for the coming season. By getting started on spring landscaping early, your investment will look better and last longer. Throughout the process, you always have help available to you at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply, to ensure the beautiful outcome you envision.

Relaxed Design Process

It’s best if the spring planting season doesn’t sneak up on you because getting caught unaware forces you to rush the design process. Start mapping out your design ideas in winter. How can your outdoor space be enhanced so that your family gets greater enjoyment out of it? It’s important to think about the location of features such as a firepit or pergola beforehand so that you know the space you’re working with for landscaping.

Landscaping center in Tampa FLChoose Florida-Friendly Plants

In the Lakeland, Florida area, the hardiness zone is 9b. Choose plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees for that zone. When you choose plants that flourish where you live, you can enjoy minimum maintenance and look forward to maximum benefits. Cypress Creek Landscape Supply has a complete nursery fully stocked with Florida-friendly plants and trees.

Do Inventory on Landscaping and Lawn Tools

As a busy season of yard work is just ahead, it’s good to do an assessment of your lawn tools and equipment. Are your lawnmower blades in need of sharpening? Mowing with dull blades can damage grass. Do you need a new edger? Take care of these types of things before it’s time to start mowing, edging, and planting.

Get a Jump on Permits

If you are planning on a building project for your outdoor living space come spring, submit your designs and requests for required permits as early as possible. You’ll be ahead of the construction rush and can avoid slowdowns to your landscaping plans.

Take Advantage of Winter Dormancy

Winter is an ideal time to evaluate your existing landscape. Skilled designers are able to evaluate a tree’s overall health by observing the tree’s shape. A more thorough pruning of mature trees and shrubs can be performed during the period of winter dormancy. In addition, most plants have a higher success rate of being relocated if they are moved while still dormant.

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Determine if Expert Help is Needed

When you get ahead of the spring rush, you are better able to find the right designer consultant for help with your landscaping ideas. Once spring arrives, consultants and design professionals have very busy schedules.

Save Money on Design Services

You can often enjoy significant savings by working with landscaping design services in late winter, when discounts are often available.

Enjoy your Outdoor Space Sooner

When you lay all the groundwork in advance, you can expect to complete your spring landscaping project earlier. This will allow you to begin relaxing and enjoying the fruits of your landscaping labors sooner.

Contact Cypress Creek Landscape Supply

Family-owned and operated Cypress Creek Landscape Supply can help with every aspect of your planning for spring landscaping. We have design professionals as well as all the many types of plants, flowers, rocks, and other landscaping supplies you might need. Call us at (813) 933-7944 or visit our Garden Center at 12734 N Florida Avenue in Tampa, FL, today.