Plants and Shrubs That Will Thrive In Your Florida Garden
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Top Florida-Friendly Shrubs and Trees to Plant & Mistakes to Avoid

Options for flora and fauna in Florida may be more varied and exciting than you realize. True, plants friendly to sandy soil, humidity, heat, wind, and salt are often required; but that’s not a problem. Landscaping professionals have done the research and found some Florida-friendly shrubs and trees you can choose from, for a flourishing yard, no matter which part of this diverse state you live in. Certain common mistakes should be avoided, however, to be sure the various plants can thrive.

Tree and Shrub Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

mulched flower bedsAvoid the following tree and shrub landscaping mistakes, when planting these types of foliage in your yard:

  • When trees and shrubs are first planted, they are usually small. The mistake often made is planting them so closely together that there’s not enough room for growth. The ultimate result is an overcrowded landscape. Avoid the temptation to create a complete landscape with young plants.
  • Pay attention to the height you would like your shrubs to reach. A mistake often made is that shrubs planted are naturally much taller at maturity than the height desired for landscaping purposes. Shrubs are weakened and disfigured, when they are constantly sheared. Choose plants with their mature size in mind, so that they are suitable to their location.
  • To avoid a cluttered, disorganized yard and an excessive need for raking and mowing, plant trees and shrubs in mulched plant beds that border the lawn.
  • It’s a mistake to scatter bright colors of foliage throughout the landscape setting. It creates confusion. Instead, use concentrated color accents in a purposeful way, to attract attention to the parts of the home you want the eyes drawn to.

Florida-Friendly Plants and Shrubs

Experts have taken some of the guesswork out of planting trees and shrubs on Florida properties. It’s important, however, to know which type of soil you have. Four Florida-friendly shrubs and trees follow:

  • Seagrape Plant Florida nativeA Florida staple in coastal areas is the Seagrape plant. The upright branches and large, round leaves have a tropical appearance. These plants are tolerant of salt and gusty breezes. They grow large very quickly. Leave plenty of room for them in the landscaping.
  • Pindo Palms, also known as jelly palms, are exceptionally stout. They can reach up to 20 feet in height, but growth is slow and consistent. These are hearty plants with rare issues related to disease or insects. Pindo Palms are able to survive harsh summers and occasional frigid temperatures.
  • The Southern Red Cedar is green year-round, and it grows to look like a Christmas tree. The trees have a remarkably high tolerance for salt, making it ideal for the Florida coast. Plant the Southern Red Cedar in full sun with plenty of room to grow, for optimal results.
  • Finally, choose the Rusty Blackhaw, for a versatile Florida-friendly tree that grows up to 20 or 25 feet tall. There are different features to admire about the Rusty Blackhaw, depending on the season. In winter, the trees display dark, leathery, long leaves. In summer, they have dark blue fruits. Red and scarlet foliage are displayed in fall. If you have well-drained, fertile soil and a spot with partial sunlight, the Rusty Blackhaw would be a perfect fit.

Which trees and shrubs will you choose for your Florida property?