What Are The Most Commonly Used Garden Pathway Design Materials?
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Ideas for Creating Beautiful Pathways in Your Garden

Add structure, delineation, convenience, and many other attractive qualities to your landscape by creating beautiful garden pathways. Choose from various do-it-yourself projects involving organic materials. Nature is the source of many kinds of garden pathways that would be complementary and increase the charm of your green space. Cypress Creek Landscape Supply serves Tampa FL and surrounding communities and has one of the largest selections of high-quality materials for landscaping in the area.

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Buy such bulk materials as Mexican Beach Polished Pebbles, River Slicks, Brook Stone, Gray 57, or any number of other rock and stone options for your garden pathway at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply. Your DIY job will be easier with our one-stop supply store and garden oasis.

Check out the following ideas for DIY garden pathways.

Edging is Ideal for All Garden Paths

A border will enhance the appearance of any garden pathway.

The following are among the options:

  • The least expensive edging for garden paths is plastic landscape edging. Installation is easy and quick. Border plants can be used to cover the appearance of the plastic if desired
  • For crisp edges that provide a neat appearance, you can choose aluminum or steel edging.
  • Stone and brick are versatile, attractive options. They are more expensive than other choices and require a lot more work to install properly.
  • Concrete edging is a cheaper alternative to stone and brick yet with similar advantages.
  • Using landscape timbers is another money-saving alternative to stone or brick. Timber is a good choice when there is gradually sloping terrain that can use the benefit of shallow steps.

Wood Mulch Garden Paths

An affordable DIY garden path for beginners is made with mulch and stepping-stones. Mulch is easier to haul and spread than other options. For garden paths, the three suitable types of mulch are wood chips, cypress bark, and cocoa bean. A mulch path is soft for the feet yet sturdy enough to withstand foot traffic and wheelbarrows.

Garden stones in Westchase, FLGravel Garden Paths

There are various types and colors of gravel you can choose from to create an eye-pleasing path. Pea gravel, at about 3/8”, is the most popular size. This material is made up of an aggregate of small, smooth-edged rocks. Gravel is an excellent decorative choice for high-traffic pathways because there are no sharp edges.


A simple way to create a garden path is with stepping-stones, and a large selection of stepping-stones can be found at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply. Many varieties are made from fieldstone. For added depth, set the stepping-stones in a bordered path with a sand base and gravel.

Japanese Garden Paths

The touches you add to a path can make all the difference, including stunningly transforming it into a Japanese garden. For example, pebbles can be used as a representation of streams under small wooden footbridges.

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Creating a beautiful garden path is easier when you live in the Tampa area because Cypress Creek Landscape Supply strives to be your one-stop gardening shop. We have the bulk supplies you need as well as plants and everything to make sure they thrive in your Florida garden. You can include stone furniture along your garden path, a birdbath, and many other decorative features that are available at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply. Call us at (813) 933-7944 for delivery services or visit us and our two-acre oasis at 12734 N. Florida Ave. today.