What Type Of Plants Should I Use To Improve My Home's Curb Appeal?
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Boosting Your Homes Curb Appeal With These Plants

Whether you are selling your home or simply want curb appeal to be a highlight of your landscaping efforts, Florida offers a wide range of plants to make your garden stand out. The secret is to choose plants that individually draw the eye. Inspire everyone passing your home to buy into that old adage and stop to admire the scenery. Below, find five great plants that will pull off the effect you are going for. When you are pulling your landscaping and gardening supplies together, be sure to visit Cypress Creek Landscape Supply. We offer many different types of rocks, gravel, boulders, and more. Our 2-acre oasis showcases a beautiful selection of plants that do exceptionally well in the Tampa, Florida, area. Find all you need to improve curb appeal, such as the following plants.

Gardening plant suppliers in New Tampa

Chenille Plant

Chenille is the word for “caterpillar” in French. Indeed, Chenille plants look like they are covered with fuzzy red caterpillars. With a view from the curb, the plants truly add tremendous appeal to the landscaping effect. Producing year-round blossoms, Chenille plants grow between 8’ and 15’ tall. Potting them is the best way to ensure that the plants will thrive. That way, they can be moved inside in such detrimental weather conditions as temperatures below 60º F and windiness.

Red Bottlebrush

The Southern Living Plant Collection has produced the spectacular Light Show® Red Bottlebrush, which is ideal for coastal gardening. The clusters of brilliant red bottlebrush flower clusters are rounded out with a remarkable fiber-optic appearance. From the time that spring has faded and winter is making an entrance, the flowers emerge plentifully in spear clusters of bright green. Another of the appealing aspects of these evergreen shrubs is that they reach as high and as wide as only 2’ to 3’. Light Show® Red Bottlebrushes are heat, salt, and drought-tolerant and perfect plants for curb appeal.


A hardy option for landscaping in the Tampa area is the Stokesia plant. A Florida wetlands native, Stokesia produces bounteous flowers from the middle of summer through early fall in colors of white, purple, lavender, or blue. This plant is widely considered one of Florida’s best perennials. It grows up to 2’ in height and 1.5’ across.

Miss Lemon™ Abelia

Miss Lemon™ Abelia is an exceptional accent and border plant also good for containers. The bright multicolored foliage on young plants is yellow with green centers and the colors change to ivory and green in maturity. These beauties offer year-round interest. In the seasons between spring and winter, the abelia produces a hefty bloom of white flowers.

Gardening Plant suppliers in Westchase, FLWax Begonias

Few of the 1,300 begonia species and hybrids are ideal for landscaping, and wax begonias are among them. Wax begonias produce red, pink, or white flowers and grow 6” to 18” tall. Their spread is 6” to 12”, and they flourish in sun and shade. For a landscape that pops, consider wax begonias as edging or border plants. It is best to plant them in containers and bring them inside when the weather is frosty.

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