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Benefits of Urban Gardening

People in urban areas tend to have less access to green space for gardening. There are, however, many ways to fully enjoy growing plants, flowers, vegetables, and fruits. Balcony gardens, shared spaces, and mini greenhouses are a few of the ways to get in on urban gardening.

Gardening Supplies in Lutz, FLUrban as well as rural gardeners need to have the right supplies, and Cypress Creek Landscape Supply is the place to go in Tampa FL and the surrounding area. We are proud of our 2-acre oasis and our well-stocked store. With a great selection of plants, soil, rocks, fertilizers, patio décor, and so much more, we aim to be the one-stop destination for all gardening supplies needed. Helping people get in on the joys of gardening is important to us. The following are clear benefits of urban gardening, as found in various studies.

Community Garden Plots Transform Lives

A major study was done recently in Portugal, and it examined the effects of gardening in urban settings. Garden plots were offered to individuals in 100 communities, and the journey that ensued was well-documented. A majority of the participants made significant changes in regard to treating the earth with better care. Although only 3% of the urban gardeners had tried composting food waste prior to the experiment, 99% of them were composting by the study’s end. Other behavioral changes included recycling and consuming more vegetables and fruits. Socialization was extremely healthy among participants, and prior lack of knowledge about gardening wasn’t an obstacle.

Contributions to Community Health

There are many ways in which urban farms and gardens set the stage for healthier communities, such as the following:

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  • Whenever produce is localized with urban farms, there is a reduction in carbon emissions. To get to your grocery store and then your table, food for the average meal travels 4,200 miles.
  • Because urban farms are near the people who consume the produce, the local economy is stimulated. The farmers have close ties to the community, which equips them to maximize profits by adapting to demands. Low-income populations can benefit from discounted and free produce.
  • Farmers providing produce for local markets often make fresh, nutritious vegetables available in areas that previously lacked access.
  • Simply by virtue of the fact that agriculture adds green space to city ecosystems is a healthful contribution. Greenery provides restful spaces, which is important to any community. The aesthetic appeal of greenery imparts the healing qualities of nature.
  • Healthy food is something that hundreds of thousands of people in U.S. cities cannot often afford. Urban gardens increase opportunities for community members to participate in growing produce, and they can also bring home the fruits of their labors.
  • Urban agriculture brings people together through food, a common interest we all share. The sustenance provided by urban gardens along with the development of camaraderie among participants helps to build a strong community.

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