What Parts Should I Remove When I'm Pruning My Trees And Shrubs?
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An Introduction on How to Prune Trees and Shrubs

Landscaping in Carrollwood, FLWell-pruned shrubs and trees are healthier and more eye-pleasing than those that aren’t subjected to maintenance. By removing damaged limbs, you prune away an increased susceptibility to disease and insect infestations. To the untrained eye, a properly trimmed plant may look like a bare, tragic mistake. Actually, though, pruning encourages fresh, flourishing growth that eventually attests to the benefits of plant maintenance. A general rule of thumb is to prune in a way that results in the least possible damage to the plant. So, nothing is lost by proper pruning. It’s all about gains.

Cypress Creek Landscape Supply has the tools and equipment you need for plant maintenance. From lightweight pruners with rubber grips to long, straight snips, wheelbarrows, long-handled hedge shears, bypass loppers and more, we have what you need for one-stop shopping.

Below is some helpful information about pruning.

How to Prune Trees and Shrubs

Limited As-Needed Pruning

Plants can be adversely affected if they are pruned at the wrong time. For instance, a year of fruit can be sacrificed if a fruit tree is pruned out of season. The timing to prune a particular plant has to do with its native climate. You can always ask the nursery staff at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply about the best time for pruning particular plants.

A couple of types of pruning are actually year-round tasks.

Promote Plant Health

No matter what plants you have or the time of year, remove pest-ridden, dead, broken, and diseased branches as well as branches that are rubbing together. Doing this promotes the plant’s health.

Ensure Safety

Beautiful Shrubs in Lutz, FLMaintaining safety is also a reason to prune when necessary. Low-growing branches that block the view of oncoming traffic or encroach upon passing vehicles should be removed. Broken and split branches should also be pruned to prevent their possibly causing harm by crashing onto a vehicle, person, or building. Whip-like, thorny branches should be pruned, as well, so as not to harm passersby.

Pruning Trees and Shrubs for Various Purposes

There are many specific reasons for pruning. Read on for details about pruning with a purpose.

Directional Growth

Proper pruning influences a plant’s directional growth. With each snip, growth is halted in one direction and encouraged in another.

This essential principle comes into play when pruning young trees to enhance the development of a hearty branching structure.

Remove Unwanted Growth

Periodically, unwanted growth should be removed, such as the following:

  • Water sprouts, which are upright shoots that grow from branches and tree trunks.
  • Stems growing up from the roots, which are known as “suckers.”
  • Groupings with thin growth.
  • Wayward branches.

Create Shapes

A row of trees or shrubs planted close together can be pruned to create a continuous hedge. Topiary is when shrubs and trees are pruned to look like animals and other fanciful shapes.

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