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Pine trees are a pleasant addition to any landscape. These tall evergreens provide welcome shade and act as a windbreak for your home. The fragrant scent of pine needles and sap is another benefit of planting pine trees in your yard.

pine tree nursery in wesley chapel fl and tampa flThough Florida isn’t known for our pine trees, there are many native varieties that thrive in our mild climate. It is important to keep in mind how tall these trees can become when you plant them. The maximum height for many varieties is between 80 and 100 feet. To prevent them from blocking windows or overshadowing a driveway, it’s best to plant tall varieties in your backyard further away from your house. Shorter varieties are better for your front yard or closer to your house.

We have a wide assortment of pines including southern pines that are indigenous to this region. Whether you are looking for shorter evergreens, like Sand Pines that only grows to around 40 feet tall, or evergreens that can grow extremely tall, like Lobolly Pines that can reach 110 feet, you can find them here at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply.

Visit our Garden Center to find the perfect pine trees for your landscaping project! Homeowners, contractors, landscape artists and landscape architects throughout the Tampa Bay rely on us to supply their evergreens because of our wide selection. If you’d like advice on the best variety for your soil or the best location to plant pine trees in your lawn, speak to one of our garden experts! We’re happy to answer your questions.