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Landscape Supplies in Carrollwood FL – Flowers & Trees, Crushed Rock & Gravel, Landscape Decor

Garden Center & Landscaping Supplies in Carrollwood FL

Cypress Creek Landscape Supply has everything you may need for landscaping in Greater Carrollwood FL, whether you are a do-it-yourself homeowner or a professional landscaper. With our vast inventory and dedication to help you get whatever you might need, you can count on Cypress Creek Landscape Supply to be your one-stop landscaping resource. On a visit to our nursery, you can see stone products, gravel, Florida-friendly plants, fertilizers, trees, topsoil, flowers, and much more to ignite the imagination and create the landscape of your dreams.


Topsoil is a crucial component of a flourishing landscape because garden plants draw nutrients from it. With the sandy soil prevalent in Florida, good topsoil is a must-have for landscaping. The topsoil that’s perfect for your project depends on what you are planting plus your existing soil’s condition. At Cypress Creek Landscape Supply, we help homeowners find the topsoil that’s ideal for their landscapes and gardens.


Your Greater Carrollwood FL landscape will be enhanced by the structure and height of the trees you plant. You can find the ideal flowering trees, palm trees, fruit trees, Florida favorites, and much more at our Garden Center. If you have any questions about which trees to choose, we can help. After all, some trees quickly outgrow their space and others are known to pull all moisture from surrounding soil.



Tree Nursery in Carrollwood FL


Create a landscape that delights your senses by choosing from a vast array of flowers. Firespike, for example, is a perennial flowering shrub that attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. The red blooms are favorites among Greater Carrollwood FL gardeners as well as landscapers throughout the state. Every type of Florida-friendly flower you desire for your garden is available from Cypress Creek Landscape Supply.


Plant selection for your landscaping project involves choosing the right plant for the right placement. At our Garden Center, you will find hedges, shrubs, woody ornamentals, and every type of plant desired for a beautiful garden and landscape. For answers to questions such as which plants are invasive species, you can speak to our landscaping experts at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply.



Flowers & Garden center in Carrollwood FL


Add eye-catching creativity to your landscape with garden pebbles. Easy to maintain, pebbles increase garden and landscaping appeal. At our Garden Center, you can find a range of shapes and colors of beautiful pebbles to transform your Greater Carrollwood FL garden. Pebbles can be used for mulching, they are safe to walk on, & they have many other uses.

Landscape Rock

Rocks and stones add natural beauty to any Greater Carrollwood FL landscape. Rocks can serve as durable groundcover, can be used to create garden pathways, and more. No matter how landscape rocks are placed, they create contrast and texture that accents trees and flowers. Your outdoor space can be transformed with any of the landscape rocks in our vast selection at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply, such as fieldstone, flagstone, boulders, Belgium block, and egg rock.


Landscaping rocks in Carrollwood FL


Gravel In Carrollwood, FL

Gravel is made up of an aggregate of small fragments of smooth-edged rock. A popular decorative ground cover in Greater Carrollwood FL, gravel is ideal for high-traffic areas such as patios and walkways. Using pea gravel and other types of gravel can reduce your reliance on watering and the use of chemical fertilizers. Stop by our Garden Center to see our gravel selection.

Gravel in Carrollwood FL


Landscaping décor can be used to complete indoor and outdoor areas in stunning fashion. We offer ceramic glazed pottery and planters in a range of styles from 6” to 36”. With fade-resistant coloring patterns and high-gloss glazes, our pottery is made to last. Visit us at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply to see our many pottery creations.

Wind Chimes

Windchimes help to create a delightful, relaxing ambiance in outdoor living spaces. There is even a connection between the ancient art of Feng Shui and windchimes. (Apparently, windchimes help to expel negative energy.) At Cypress Creek Landscape Supply, we carry Corinthian Bells® windchimes, which are always crafted with excellence. Choose from six colors and ten sizes of Corinthian Bells® windchimes.



Outdoor pottery in Carrollwood FL



Cypress Creek Landscape Supply offers Greater Carrollwood FL landscaping at its best.
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