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Fast-Growing Plants for a Quick Boost in Curb Appeal

If you are in a hurry to boost the curb appeal of your lawn, there are some nice fast-growing plants to choose from in Tampa FL and the Tampa Bay Area. Be like many top landscapers and exacting do-it-yourselfers and... Read more

Easy-Care Ground Cover Ideas

Ground cover plants provide numerous benefits, not the least of which is that they are easy-care solutions for various landscaping challenges. Many different kinds of ground cover will thrive in Florida. And if you live in the Tampa area, you... Read more

13 Tips for Cleaning up Your Garden in the Fall

The clean-up gardening you do in the fall smooths the way for a more successful garden in spring. There are plenty of things you can do in your garden as you get outside and enjoy the cooler fall weather. For... Read more

Ideas for Creating Beautiful Pathways in Your Garden

Add structure, delineation, convenience, and many other attractive qualities to your landscape by creating beautiful garden pathways. Choose from various do-it-yourself projects involving organic materials. Nature is the source of many kinds of garden pathways that would be complementary and... Read more

7 Tips for Maintaining a Better Lawn Using Less Water

A proper irrigation technique is often the secret to a plush, green lawn. Maintaining a healthy lawn does not mean sacrificing environmental concerns by using an overabundance of water. It’s possible to use less water while maintaining a lawn that’s... Read more

Florida Vegetable Gardening Tips For Beginners

Vegetable gardening in Florida has unique challenges, but beginners can do well by learning what experienced gardeners have figured out. Gardening differences aren’t just between Florida and other states. Strategies for successful vegetable gardening differ between Northern, Central, and Southern... Read more

3 Terms That Tell How Long Plants Live

Anyone who enters the world of landscaping and gardening frequently comes across certain terms, and those that describe how long plants live are among them. Become familiar with the following terms that describe a plant’s life span. Then you can... Read more

How to Build a Retaining Wall

With a few do’s and don’ts, you can build a retaining wall and enjoy its benefits. There are plenty of other reasons for building a retaining wall, such as functional support to keep soil in place and reduce soil erosion.... Read more

How Often Should You Replace Mulch?

A variety of factors determines how often your mulch should be replaced, including the type of mulch you use in your landscaping. It is best to ensure that a sufficient amount of mulch is in place season after season because... Read more

Florida Climbing Plants and Options in Trellises

When climbing plants need support, what kind is best? You may choose based on the type of plant or the usefulness of the support system you opt for. As an example, a trellis can operate as a privacy wall; a... Read more