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Attract Birds With Water – Add a Unique Bird Bath to Your Outdoor Landscape

Of all the things birds rely on to keep them healthy and happy, water is the most important. Birds know this, and you know it, so why not add a designer bird bath to your outdoor landscape? The birds will come to bathe and entertain you with their songs and antics.

massarelli bird baths for sale in wesley chapel

What’s the best kind of bird bath?

The main function of a bird bath is to give birds a place to drink, bathe and just hang out. As long as you supply that opportunity, most bird bath styles will be ideal. Moving water tends to attract birds, and you can purchase bird baths with this function. But birds also love bird baths with standing water.

There are two important things to keep in mind, however, when choosing a bird bath. First, make sure the surface where the birds will be landing and stepping is somewhat rough rather than slick. Birds like to have a feeling of stability when standing on their feet.

Second, you can find bird baths that sit up off the ground and ones that are set at ground level. Bird baths that are low to the ground provide what birds probably see as a more “natural” water source, since most of the water they drink is on or near the ground. But birds’ cautionary instincts make them prefer to be higher up off the ground when in a single place for very long. This way they have a better view of predators.

Where should a bird bath be placed?

It’s true that birds will find water wherever it is. But there are some considerations to make when setting up your bird bath.

· Cats and other predators are good at hiding in bushes, waiting for the time to strike. Place your bird bath in a fairly open area of the yard.

tampa fl bird baths and outdoor decoration

· Here in central Florida, we get a lot of heat, so think about providing water to your birds in a shady spot out of the glaring rays of the sun.

· When placing your bird bath, ideally you’ll want it in a place where a hose can reach it. This is for both refilling and for cleaning. Bird baths should be scrubbed with a mild bleach solution about every 10 days to prevent the spread of disease.

· Finally, while a bird bath is a wonderful amenity for your local birds, it’s also an amenity for you and your family, who will love gazing out the window and watching the birds frolic. For this reason, place your bird bath within viewing distance from a window.

Do brands matter?

We think so, which is why we sell bird baths by Massarelli’s, makers of a variety of fine stone garden accents. Massarelli bird baths are built from the highest-quality materials and fashioned with state-of-the-art equipment. As to styles, you won’t believe what these folks have come up with. You can choose from the most traditional and basic bird baths to the most unusual and eye-catching styles imaginable.

When it’s time to shop for a new bird bath in the Tampa, FL, area, see us first and let us help you select the perfect product for your yard.

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