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Attract Birds With Water – Add a Unique Bird Bath to Your Outdoor Landscape

Of all the things birds rely on to keep them healthy and happy, water is the most important.  Birds know this, and you know it, so why not add a designer bird bath to your outdoor landscape?  The birds will come to bathe and entertain you with their songs and antics.

Using Stone for Landscaping Beds & Ground Cover

For many residential and commercial properties, adding stones in select areas can beautify and stabilize the landscape design. Smaller stones such as river rocks, beach pebbles, gravel and crushed rock are ideal in a wide range of applications and bring certain advantages you won’t get with ground cover or mulch. How many varieties of stones are there? There are many. Read more…

Looking for Really Unique Christmas Gifts?

You probably never thought about doing your Christmas shopping at a nursery and gardening supply center. Who wants a bag of manure under the tree or a bottle of weed killer in their stocking? But the truth is, if you’re buying for somebody who’s crazy about working in and beautifying their yard and landscape, visiting a fully stocked garden center Read more…

Best Plants to Use for Ground Cover in Florida

The term “ground cover” refers to the many plants that are ideal for gardens and landscaping accents. Because of our special weather considerations in the Tampa region of central Florida, not every variety of ground cover will work optimally. Plants that are called ground cover are fairly low to the ground and quick-growing, needing little maintenance and not a lot Read more…

All Windchimes Are NOT Created Equal!

You’ve probably encountered your share of windchimes throughout your life.  You may even have purchased a set or two.  You know how they how they look and how they sound.  But the fact is, you can’t know the true beauty and majesty of windchimes until you see and hear Corinthian Bells.