Meet Our Team

We are here to make sure your lawn ends up looking exactly like you envisioned it.

Philip Kidd


Philip has been managing CCLS since 2004. In the midst of his daily frenzy of securing supplies and scheduling deliveries, he will stop everything and greet you with his infectious smile and make you feel like you were his only priority of the day. He is the man to talk to if you have a special detail you need to work out for your delivery.

Nelson Cruz


Nelson's love for plants and knowledge of materials become evident whether he helps you select an item at our store or confidently delivers your order to your doorsteps.



Customer Service / Delivery Driver

Nate will only deliver your load after inspecting and approving its quality. He will then methodically load it and deliver it to the spot you specify.


Customer Service

Dave is at home among the plants. He will recommend just the right one for you, and he will also make sure that you have the proper instructions to provide the right environment for your selection; almost like an adoption.